This was one of the projects on my Stamping but not on cards class.  It is made from Vellum, the great thing about Stampin’ Up!’s Vellum cardstock is it’s really strong but flexible so I have lots more projects coming up using it.


Now because pur classic ink is dye based it dries really quickly on cardstock but much slower on Vellum (as it’s non-porous) so you can use our classic coloured inks and heat emboss too! Make sure you only do about 10 stamped images though unless you are super speedy and then coat with clear embossing powder and heat. Because the Vellum cardstock is semi opaque I always use a slightly darker tone of ink when I am stamping, in this case I have used Really Rust.

Bag ‘n’ box

Card 5 ½ ” x 5 ½” scored at 1 ½ ” inch all the way around (Apricot Appeal)
Card stock 2” x 10 ¾ ” scalloped along one edge (Apricot Appeal card and stamped with Apricot Appeal ink)
Vellum cardstock 4” x 10 ¾ ”

1. Cut along the 1 ½” inch score lines at each corner of the card until you hit the 1 ½” inch score line in the opposite direction. Do this only on one line per side. This creates the tabs to hold the box section together.
2. Fold the box along all the score lines.
3. Fold all tabs in the same direction. Apply double sided tape to the four corners and fold the box to form the sides.
4. Decorate the vellum cardstock. Using Really Rust ink, stamp the images about 10 at a time then cover with clear embossing powder and continue until covered then heat.
5. Apply double sided tape to one of the long and one of the short edges of the vellum cardstock.
6. Begin by sticking the one corner of the vellum cardstock to the middle back of the box base. Wrap slowly and carefully around the base. Once you have stuck it all the way around join it to seal the bag section.
7. Scallop one edge of the strip of cardstock and stamp all over with co-ordinating ink. Wrap the scalloped edge around the box in the same way as before.
8. Gently crease the 4 corners of the bag and fold 2 sides in toward the centre to give the bag some shape.
9. Attach 2 x Round tab punches to make handles and tie with ribbon.

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