So where were we………Ah yes the tour of the perfume factory, they make soaps and oils and everything was so beautifully packaged.

We then started off on our trek to the top of Eze a medieval village, the roads were cobbled and very steep as you can see. No cars, it was so peaceful, it also smelled wonderful, I know that sounds a little odd but every where we went smelled lovely, there was a lot of Jasmine around and the purple flowers you can see on the building below smelt divine !

1* Michelin restaurant for lunch and the service was sublime, each course arrived at the table covered in these wonderful silver domes and the domes where lifted simultaneously by 4 waiters on each table, I did say at the beginning I was definitely a princess for 3 days!

Below is a picture of the lovely Dawn, she has the most infectious giggle and was always so stylish !  She was also very kind and helped me pre-trip with my wardrobe concerns, Thanks Dawn x

Pudding…….oh sorry posh pudding…….I had better call it dessert !

More macarons…………and espresso, I am so missing that espresso hit !

And if that food and service wasn’t enough this was the view from the window……

After lunch is was time for a little shopping, I was determined to buy and Orange hat I had seen on the way up, but we couldn’t find the shop, so it was bracelets for the children instead x

And then we found Frank Manu, a lonely Monkey in need of a home, here he is with Paula the Stampin’ Up! UK Manager, a wonderful lady.

Now Frank Manu is the incentive trip mascot, he spent the next day with Jenny and I, so more about him tomorrow, he is currently residing with Jenny Moors, encouraging her to achieve the next trip to Prague!  Go Jenny Go !!!

We returned to the hotel, freshened up and went out for dinner, to the Cafe De Paris, we needed to get our strength back for the long evening ahead!  Stamping in our PJ’s.

Now I did have several wardrobe concerns prior to the trip, but nothing compares to the hunt for the perfect PJ’s…….M&S to the rescue…….

Below was our Make and take packets, we received a stamp set, 4 ink pads, felt flowers, rub-ons and an art journal, I’ll share the projects in a later post.  It was so wonderful to sit and stamp with friends, it’s rare I stamp someone else’s projects, by that I mean I usually have designed any project, cut them out and assembled the packets and it was wonderful to create something someone else had designed for me.  Such a treat for Princess Amanda !

Now in between the stamping and chatting I did manage to eat the occasional treat……….more macarons !  Oh and those tiny toffee apples…wow !

We also spent the time swapping, such amazing talent in that room, so many ideas to steal…….I will share those in a separate post.

I really didn’t want the evening to end so had an open invitation to my room for a night cap ( Fizzy courtesy of the Spar shop under the hotel………yes really tucked away in a little corner !).  On opening my door I spied a gift on my bed so sent everyone away to go to their rooms first!!!!!!!!

This Is what I saw

The bag is tied with ribbon and is huge, you will all see me with it at workshops, as I moved it from the bed it seemed heavy, so I opened it up and inside…..Flip flops with the logo on the bottom, perfect for some marketing whilst at the beach!

A beach towel with the Pink Flamingo DSP pattern.

And a Cardi, sorry the photo is rubbish, but you will all see it in person I shall be wearing at my workshops and classes!!!!

And last picture for today, remember I said my bed was big…….Well in this picture all 7 UK demo’s and Paula are on my bed with room to spare!!

I’ll be back with part 3 tomorrow

Please note : Less than 1% of all demonstrators earn the incentive trip each year.


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