A beer lovers card today with a few extra touches to make it a special card.

The first is I’ve used the Designer series paper called  Autumn Meadows the sheet I have used is a wood effect the rest of the sheets are wonderful for men’s cards with a very distressed edge.  There is a little bit of doodling on the edges of the mat layers and on the sentiment, doodling is something you need to have confidence in, just give it a go…..if you don’t like it try again it’s only a piece of card stock and you can just get another one!

Now the beer foam is one of my many favourite techniques it is a little bit of magic as to how to make the beer foam, well foamy!

I use tombow glue and sprinkle it with White embossing powder, you then heat it gently until the embossing powder melts ( the whole thing will bubble up.) You then allow it to cool and you get this lovely effect.  Do be careful though  because the top is dry but depending on how much glue you use under the top crust can be sticky so leave it to dry overnight.

Happy Stampin’


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