Today’s post has the potential to change your life…….

Before I start I should explain, today’s post isn’t about crafting it’s about me and my life and things that I hope you will be interested to read.  My blog will always be mainly crafting but I decided that sometimes I would share a little bit of what happens in my world when I’m not crafting.  I have an amazing life, it’s wonderful, sometimes a little crazy, never dull, it’s also often ordinary and extraordinary in equal measure…….welcome to my world!

During April I was having a bit of a tough time, I hadn’t been well, too much going on, lots of stress and just generally feeling bleurgh… you know that feeling?  Well I was doing a bit of blog hopping and youtube video watching and kept seeing references to this book by Marie Kondo.


Since I know that to get me out of any kind of ‘bleurgh’  taking action of some sort is the way to go, tidying up and clearing out sounded like a good plan.  I decided to give the book a read.  It was awesome !

I read the book, and it made me smile, laugh, and cry, it was as though Marie was talking to my very soul and although it goes against all the other tidying and clutter clearing advice I have heard I decided to give it a try.

I am going to say here that some of the language in the book is strange, I am sure it’s due to the translation from Japanese to English, and some of the suggestions in the book are a little too ‘weird’ even for me, but as always with any kind of system you take what you want from it, although Marie Kondo is quite strict !

The basic concept is that we have NO idea how much stuff we actually own because it’s spread out all over the place, so in order to tidy and clear out you need to get it all together first.

You start with your clothes and you have to get all of them, YES all of them in one place in a great big heap, and you then pick each item up and see if it fills you with joy.  Okay, ‘fills you with joy’ seems a little weird, I can see that, but trust me it works !  Marie goes on to say you can’t keep things because they ‘might’ be useful, it’s not a practical sorting it’s an emotional one.  Does that item of clothing make you feel happy? Yes or No ?  Simple.

So this was my pile of clothes……. it included every item of clothing I own……gulp! and my shoes and handbags too.

incentivetripd - 2Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin'

I started at 9am and by 11.30am I had finished sorting, you start off quite slow because it’s a new idea, but once you get into the swing of it it goes really quickly.

One pile was Yes, one pile was No.  A few things I wasn’t quite sure about so I put them to one side and it was then easy to sort them at the end.

This is what went to the charity shop……. 5 bin bags, 10 pairs of shoes, 12 handbags, loads of jewellery too, you see once you get started you don’t stop…..

Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin'

It took me till 1pm to put everything back into my wardrobe and bag up everything. So start to finish just 4 hours.

So do you want to see my wardrobe now…….?

My shoes now live in the bottom of my wardrobe.

Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin' - 1

Look how awesome my clothes are! I can see everything and each and every item in there I LOVE, it makes me happy just opening the door!

Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin' - 2

And my handbags have a shelf of their own.
Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin' - 3

My sock draw is a vision of beauty……..I know you probably think I have lost the plot now……but read the book and you will understand.

Marie explains that clothes crumpled up or balled up in the case of socks ‘ stresses’ them then need to be folded neatly, stood on end and you can then see them all.  I told you the book made me laugh and cry !  Well stressed socks had me crying with laughter, but truly my sock drawer now brings me great joy, does yours?

socks - 1

Since my tidying my clothes I have done my makeup and toiletries and books are next.  It’s a work in progress but so easy to stick with.  My wardrobe always looks tidy, as does my sock drawer and it was easy for me to see the things I needed to replace, you see Marie doesn’t say you should never buy anything again, it’s okay to go shopping!

I would love to know what you think and do share your stories too, leave me a comment please, I reply to each and everyone.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll be back with some crafting soon.

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