How are you today? I hope you are doing well and hanging on in there. I am very excited to report I’m having my Covid vaccine on Sunday! Just a little bit excited, and I get to go out! Eeek, to the outside! Honestly what is it going to be like when we are allowed out all the time???? and hug! Oh my, I miss hugs!

Anyway, I digress, I have a fun project for you today, one I wrote a magazine article on about 10 years ago. I’ve adapted it, improved it, and I think and you are going to love it. I even show in the video the original version, its a bit battered but still cute.

Stepper Box Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

This is the inside, it is so special! and you can fit so many treats inside.

Stepper Box Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

I have made a video tutorial for you, but first I have to give you some bad news…….. the Butterfly Bijou paper I have used has sold out………it was whilst stocks last, its very sad its gone……….. The stamps and the dies are still available though and they are lovely!

So in the clickable links below you will see the products listed for the Sand and Sea version I also show.

If you are reading this via email please click HERE to watch the video.


Card 6″ x 11 1/4″ scored at 2 1/4″, 4 1/2″, 6 3/4″ and 9″
Patterned Paper Two sets of 5 pieces 2″ x 5 3/4″

Box Lid
Card 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″
Patterned paper 2″ x 2″ and Four Pieces 1″ x 2 1/4″

Inner Boxes
Patterned paper Four Pieces 6″ x 6″

Here are some more pictures of the versions I show. Including my original style from years ago.

Stepper Box Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

This is the main adaption I have made, adding an extra panel gives the box more stability.

Stepper Box Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler
Stepper Box Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

Here are all the product links for the Stepper Box. Click on the pictures to go shopping in my online store.

I’m writing this blog post a couple of days in advance, because I’m taking a few days off! Go me!

I’ve switched my out of office email replies on and I can be found in the garden pottering or on the sofa reading a book depending on the weather. My default setting is always to work, I love my job and there is always something I can do, and I love to be busy. But I have realised in this last year of crazy that I have to schedule in days off! Several in a row and then be strict and actually NOT work, so I’ve got a 4 day weekend ! I am trying really hard, but you know I am a work in progress!

I’ll be back in my studio on Monday, getting ready for the busy week of retiring list and a demonstrator only look at the new catalogue (it goes live for customers in May, I’ll be posting them out mid April).

I hope you have a lovely weekend. See you soon.


March 2021

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