Christmas Box and my delivery

Christmas Box and my delivery

Well the Stampin' Up! parcel arrived, but.......yes there is a was a German box, so the lovely stamps are in German and the information is in German, and I think the letter says please don't share until 24th July but my German isn't that great so I'm ...

Madeira Swaps 2015

So today I have been mostly tidying, I know, REALLY exciting Huh ! I did have some exciting on for details........ Yesterday I had the first of 2 all day trainings for my team of Stampin' Up! demonstrators and since they are both the same, I need to ...

Super Saturday

Blue skies, sun is shining and it's a Super Saturday  ! Oh and I'm finally feeling human again!  Voice is back, cough almost gone and a rare weekend off!  Kids are both busy so you would think I have a weekend lazing in my hammock reading my many books planned, ...

Extra Reductions, Limited Quantities

You may not know but each week on a Wednesday we have Weekly deals, they are a selected number of items with discounts.  For the next few weeks we also have featured items that have BIGGER discounts but they are limited quantities.I'm so excited to tell you ...
Wow I’m in the paper !

Wow I’m in the paper !

Yes it's true, today I am on page 32 of The News Fareham.Click here to see the article.So welcome if you have just found my website !Do check out all my links at the top, I have a Facebook page, Pinterest page and a Youtube Channel too for lots of crafty ...

Madeira Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip Part 4

On our last full day in Madeira it was Father's Day so when I was looking for activities I couldn't resist this, a 3 hour tour on road and off road with Madeira Buggies !  I can honestly say we laughed from start to finish, it was an amazing trip.  We ...

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