For a swap last week, one of my lovely team Hayley gave me this card.  You can see more of Hayley’s work on her blog here.


Now this is one of my favourite styles of card and I have had some published in Making Cards Magazine.  I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial for a while so here it is.

Square stand pop up card

11″ X 4 1/8 ” piece of card stock…piece A (main base of card)
5 ¼” X 2 ½” piece of card stock…piece B (message card)
4” X 2 ¼ ” piece of card stock…piece C (mat 1)
3 ¾ ” X 2” piece of card stock…piece D (mat 2 stamping layer)
2 ½” X 1 ½” piece of card stock…piece E (Greeting card mat)
2 ¼ ” X 1 ¼ ” piece of card stock…piece F (Greeting card stamping layer)

1. Decorate the “A” piece of card stock.
2. Turn “A” over and with a pencil, lightly mark, score and fold to make lines 1″, 2 ¾”,3 ¾”, 5 ½”,7 ¼”, 8 ¼”, 10″.
3. On the centre line (5 ½” line) mark in ¾” on both sides. With a craft knife cut a line 2 ¾” long between the two ¾” marks.
4. Take card stock piece “B” and decorate, be sure not decorate on the bottom 1″ (This area will be inside the card and won’t be seen.)
5. Stamp image on piece “D” and mat onto piece “C” and then onto piece “B”
6. Thread the message area of “B” through the centre slot of “A” from the bottom up.
7. Align and glue the two centre folds of “A” and “B” together (like a sandwich with B being the centre).
8. Stamp a greeting onto the front of card stock “F” and mat onto piece “E” then attach to the front of the card.
9. When you are finished…your card will slide up and down through the slot. Fold flat for posting and free standing once it is opened.

Happy Stampin’


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