Well today’s share will save you sooooooooo much time……………….

Hands up all those who like me love to roam around the world wide web looking at all the lovely art work other people make?  At the last check I had over 300 places bookmarked ( or in my favourites) ARGH!

Now some places I visit every day, others now and then, but I waste so much time because not everyone updates every day so I see the same page again and again.  Now my friend the lovely Stella said the other day in passing something about a web reader……..I didn’t know what she meant so I went looking, and found Google reader here a quick tour and tutorial and I was all set.

All you do is copy and paste your favourite places into the reader and it checks them for updates, so I can go to one place and all the new updates are there right in front of me……….It’s amazing!

I’ve been able to sort out the websites into files, so all my team’s blogs are together, my other papercrafting ones are together, my needlecrafts, beading, and so on wow……….It did take me a bit of time to move all the bookmarks but it made me clear out the less inspiring ones.  There is even a feature where you can ‘star’ items so you can find them again.

Go try it out, it’s fab !!

Happy Stampin’


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