Back to crafting tomorrow I promise, today is all about smiles !

Be warned there are lots of photos!

This is a picture from Elaine’s camera, I’m not sure who took it ( it may have been Chris one of our lovely demo support team) because she is in the picture, it is of all the UK demonstrators at convention, wonderful.


The Inspiring Inkees with the lovely Shelli


The next photo is of our UK demo support team, Chris and Eileen, they are amazing, always there to help and support the UK demos, with a smile and friendly chat, we couldn’t do our job with them !


And now to the bags, convention goers get a wonderful bag with their stamp sets, agendas, papers, awards letters, pins etc in. It’s huge made of a really heavyweight canvas and reversible, best of all it will fit 12 x 12 cardstock inside !



The next 2 photos are my Burberry goodies, a necklace and handbag, they are so lovely and I am so honoured to have received them.



And finally to my shoes, I love the Wizard of Oz and being a homeloving girl, the idea of having shoes that you could click your heels and get home has always held a magical appeal to me, so these shoes were a must have pair!



Happy Stampin’


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