Todays’ post is a bit like those public service announcements, that keep you informed about things that you didn’t know and actually didn’t need to know until someone told you and then you are soooooooo pleased they did!

Confused?   Well bear with me and keep reading……You all know I have the best customers in the world and often they will ring and email me with suggestions, ideas and information which is great, I learn so much from them.  Well a little while ago Pauline emailed me to say that she had discovered something about the Tiny Tag set and the Medium Jewellery punch that matches it.

She was so kind because she was sure I knew this information already………but I didn’t…….and it is super cool and very exciting, and she is amazing to have discovered it !

I could explain in words but here is a picture to explain for me!

The punch fits exactly inside the plastic clam shell case with the stamps!  Super cool, thank you so much Pauline for sharing this with us all!

I must dash, today is my quarterly all day training with my team Inspiring Inkin’ lots of fabby projects and business topics to cover and awards to give out too!  I have the best job in the world.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Stampin’


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