This was Friday and our free day, those of you who are regular readers or know me well understand I am very passionate about Formula 1 motor racing, I have been since I was a little girl.  Monaco is my favourite track because it is a road race and usually the race is held very near to my birthday……….I have been hinting for years that a holiday and GP tickets would make a perfect birthday present but until someone wins the lottery I think I shall just have to keep hinting!

I am so blessed that Stampin’ Up! gave me the opportunity to visit Monaco and on this free day I was determined to walk the Grand Prix track!  Jenny was kind enough to agree to come with me and it was so lovely to have company.  After a short chat with the hotel’s concierge to double check the map I had was correct, he gave us advice on the correct tunnel and then asked us to report back to him with our lap time!

The hairpin is such a famous part of the track I couldn’t believe that is was less than 2 minutes walk from the hotel and on such a steep hill, the buses were having to do 3 point turns to get around!  Now of course I needed a picture of me in the hairpin, I think Jenny got a few grey hairs as I nearly got run over several times……..oops!  If you scroll down to my first post about Monaco you will see a picture of me at the hair pin.

We continued on into the tunnel, now there was some concern before I travelled that the tunnel would be closed to pedestrians but in my determined plan nothing was going to stop me walking through…….you can imagine the headlines …………But I needn’t have worried there was a lovely walkway.

The exit from the tunnel is so bright, no wonder so many accidents on the track happen here.

We then walked along to the swimming pool area past many boats moored, some of them were so big they had speed boats in a garage underneath them!

Past the swimming pool onto Racasse corner…….

And then we reached the starting grid, basically we had started our race half way around xx  Can you see the ‘U” shape that’s one of the starting grid positions………It was so exciting, especially since I kept jumping into the road to get better pictures…….

Up and around the first corner, steep incline and into Casino square, where we stopped for Sorbet and bumped into some of our German demo friends !  A quick hop skip and jump and we were back at our starting position, 1 hour 54 minutes, a pretty impressive lap time don’t you think?!

The back to the hotel, we certainly needed to freshen up and we met up with Kelly, the incentive trip mastermind, she had taken delivery of the Prize wheel and we  spun for prizes, lots of goodies, brads, paper and some clips.

The it was off to find the sightseeing open top bus for a tour and commentary, it was a hop on and off service so we rode to the very top of Monaco by the palace, and just look at the view!

Boy it was a long way down!!!!! Lunch, cathedral and a bit of retail therapy and it was off on the bus again back to the hotel to get ready for our final dinner.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I hate having my picture taken, it’s always difficult to get good ones of me, so whilst waiting in the lobby for everyone to arrive, Monica gave us lessons in standing in a particular way to get a good picture, I think I need lots of practise……but I quite like this one of me in my posh frock!

Dinner was again amazing in Winston Churchill’s private apartments in the Hotel De Paris, I was lucky enough to sit at Shelli and Sterling’s table and we chatted and laughed all evening, what an amazing couple they are !

A few of us checked out the casino, very interesting, I didn’t win……..well it was unlikely with my 4  five euro chips but black is not my colour!

It was very late when I got back to my room and I hadn’t packed…..gulp…….so only a few hours later it was up for the car to take us to the airport, I did stop for breakfast.

Jacqueline one of the German demo’s misheard me when I ordered my boiled egg, I asked for it Runny, she thought I said running………..”a running egg” and had us in fits of gigles with her description of my exercise for the morning trying to catch my egg……..You really had to be there………… but what an amazing end to an incredible trip.

I am so thankful for all my customers choosing me to be their demonstrator, to my team for supporting me, working so hard and being my inspiration.  Without them this trip would never have happened.

Please note : Less than 1% of all demonstrators earn the incentive trip each year.


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