You may remember a couple of weeks ago I went to the Newbury show, well I had a crazy weekend with the family before the show, including a very late night in London as my son went to an Ozzy Osborne concert.  I put out a request for chocolate on my facebook page and the wonderful Lynne who was attending the show brought me this…… Beautifully decorated, dark chocolate , yummy !

Isn’t it beautiful, I must say I feel very restrained that I took a picture of it before I devoured it!  Thanks Lynne you are brilliant.  So if you are on Facebook, do add me as your friend, I post different things there to my website  xxx

Then these lovely flowers arrived with the lovely Julia, it was the last day of club before the summer, they are such beautiful flowers, I think they are stocks, does anyone know?  I need some in my garden, they smelt so beautiful and lasted for ages.

I’m a very lucky lady, thank you!

Happy Stampin’


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