My tale of a Princess in Prague has reached it’s final day……….

So after the excitement of the night before we certainly needed a bit of chilling time……..

The UK girls decided to go for a wander, now you would think that between us we could make a decision, we are all women of action……… however we were all so chilled, we couldn’t, so it was sometime later, quite a lot later, we decided to take a boat ride !

Frank was very happy about this, although Michelle was slightly concerned he would fall in !

We chatted so much on the boat I don’t think anyone heard any of the commentary……but it was a lovely rest, going up and down the river!

Then my map reading skills where put to the test, do you remember I said we got rather lost on the previous day?  Well Monica and Michelle wanted to return to this fabulous little shop we had seen, so we set off trying to recreate the previous day’s journey.  It certainly was a joint effort and by some miracle we found the shop and our way home again!  Along with lots of shopping naturally.

Then it was on with the posh frocks and boy did we look posh!

Now Frank had clearly decided that he was the centre of attention Lording it on the chair!

I really had better explain the amazing surroundings…….we were in the Archbishops Palace in the Castle grounds, the most amazing venue so much history and character, and very, very elegant!

After canapes, and sparkling apple juice the doors to our dining room where opened to reveal this.

We had music whilst we dined.

I love the next picture, which is a bit of a miracle because it is of me, not sure who took it though, thank you x…..On the back of each chair was a lovely wrap, we all thought it was part of the decor, until someone realised it was a Stampin’ Up! stamp set pattern with a Stampin’ Up! tag, so it was another gift for us!

Now I will let the pictures of the food speak for themselves, each course was a joy to look at and eat, it was the best beef I have ever tasted, cooked perfectly, mmmmmmmmmm!

It was one of those evenings you didn’t want to end, so we agreed to gather together in Julies room for a nightcap, each one of us detouring into our rooms along the way, well the screaming had reached epic proportions………..The poor residents of the hotel!

On our bed was our final pillow gift, a Big Shot Doctors bag !   Woo Hoo !  My Bigshot can now travel in style to all my workshops.  Look at the fabluos Prague logo, along with the Stampin’ Up! logo too.

It was then time to sleep and get ready for our departure and of course another amazing breakfast!

Back to reality now!

Happy Stampin’

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