Today’s post is not stamping related but does concern one of my other passions………food!

I am lucky enough to have a patch in our garden where we grow veggies and fruit, that is Brian looks after them and I enjoy them!  I do help a little with the watering and weeding but that’s about it, so I am very grateful for the time he takes to tend the garden.

This year we planted cucumbers for the first time, I had no idea they were climbing plants, they have taken over most of the greenhouse, like triffids!

The tomatoes and French beans are scrummy.

and these pears are almost ready for eating!

Last year you may remember I was very excited on my birthday to recieve a Damson tree, there were only 9 damsons on it at the end of last summer, but this year it has grown well.

Look and the wonderful Damsons, plenty for jam this year!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Happy Stampin’

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