I promised to keep you updated about the building works of our extension, so I have a few pictures to share with you today. You can see the original post here.

Starting on the 7th December, first they laid sand, then the shiny silver is insulation that will keep the concrete floor nice and toasty under our feet.  Do pay attention to the small wall with the 3 flowery bricks in the centre, it becomes a major player later.

The concrete sub floor was poured and the brick and block laying began, Brian and I kept alternating between our new lounge is going to be too small, no it’s going to be too big…….You just really can’t tell the scale of it from these pictures.

We then had lots of rain and not much building work took place, this was how it looked before work stopped for Christmas.

The day before the builders where due back on site in the new year, this happened……. remember that wall from the first picture, it fell down and landed on top of one of the new walls, Graham our builder was blown of the scaffolding, thankfully he was fine! We also lost 3 fence panels, but compared to many we where lucky.

So after a bit of time removing and repairing the smashed block work, building started again.

The the roof work began, things are moving so fast at the moment, but it is soooooooo noisy !  The angle grinder has been running lots to cut out bricks and of course with all the woodwork at the moment there is a lot of hammering and sawing.  But it is all going to be worth it in the end!

The felt is going on tomorrow and the windows are coming later this week!

So I am actually believing that not only is it going to be finished soon but then I will get my craft room.  Once the family has moved out of our current lounge it will be split into a dining room and my craft room.  So I would love to hear all of your organisational stories, see picture of craft rooms, storage so that I can start designing !  Please leave me some comments and links, thank you.

Happy Stampin’


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