I will continue my tale of Vienna, but just wanted to say Hi! if you are visiting my blog for the first time.  I met lots of amazing ladies at the All Woman Show in Portsmouth yesterday, do have a good look around my website, there are tabs at the top that give you information about my classes and clubs and becoming a demonstrator, in the right hand margin you will find search buttons, links to my Facebook page (do please friend me !!!!) and to the catalogues.  I do post lots of projects and tutorials here but I am currently in the middle of sharing my Vienna experiences as part of a trip I earned from Stampin’ Up!

I have been quite poorly at the end of last week some horrid cold/flu type virus, so much so that i took to the sofa with the duvet!  That is so unheard of for me so apologies for keeping you waiting for the next Vienna instalment.

So I left you at the Palace, we returned back to the hotel, after a quick wash and brush up and of course some Strudel ! Brian and I went off exploring with Sabrina, Paula and Paul.  We had seen the dome of a church from the hotel and decided to visit.

It was called Karl’s Kirche as was so beautiful, with huge carved pillars, there was a beautiful water feature in front with statues and since every day it was 32 degrees + it was rather inviting too!

Inside the church was lovely and cool, and we where a little surprised to be charged and entrance fee for a lift……….!  Actually my heart is in my mouth as I type this…….yes a lift, glass sides and it went up into the dome.  Now I’m not a fan of heights, I like being up high but not the getting there or down again…..odd I know, but this was an adventure, so up in the lift we went.

Once we got to the top of the lift there was a platform, you could almost touch the murals, the painting was amazing and so was the adjacent scaffolding !  See how tiny Paula looks against it!

My bravery got the better of me and it did manage 3 sections of the scaffolding before it started to sway……I then took off back down the stairs to the relative safety…….of the platform.

Paul, Paula, Sabrina and Brian all made it to the top and what a sight of Vienna they had.

We made it safely down the lift, be still my beating heart! and then had a lovely relaxing cool beverage sat outside the Vienna Opera house before returning to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  Dinner had been organised by Natalie for the UK group to go to a restaurant famed for its Schnitzel.

It was fabulous food and company, in fact so fabulous that I didn’t take a single picture, we chatted and laughed all evening !! It was a perfect end to a lovely day.

I shall be back later today with episode 3!

Happy Stampin’

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