I’m home safe and sound, and it was the most wonderful and amazing trip to Vienna.  Both Brian and I have travelled lots independently through work since the children were born but never together, so this was the first trip for 17 years overseas with my husband, but without my babies !!!  They where completely happy, my Mum and Dad moved in for a week and I’m not sure they slept……..my craft room has been decorated and my house has been cleaned and sparkled throughout, perhaps we need to go away more often !!!!

I will apologise now that this is going to be picture heavy, we have over 300 photos from 5days!

We stayed at the Grand Hotel and it certainly was, this is the foyer.

Our room was huge, as was the most comfy bed I have ever slept on !  On arrival we went to the hospitality room and met up with old and new friends, there where several new achievers this year and of course since everyone had brought a guest we had lots of new people to meet.

Now this next photo is completely out of order, but it’s just such a lovely picture, I was thrilled this year to share the trip with 2 of my team, Hayley in the centre and Kerry is on the left, this picture was taken just before our final night dinner.  Don’t they look amazing !

The welcome dinner was served in the 7th floor dining room, now I love food so here is just one of the courses!  The food was so delicious.

After dinner the UK group got together, unfortunately Kerry and Hayley had already left so this is the group minus my girls……

The following morning we where up bright and Early to go the Schloss Schonbrunn, it’s the summer palace of the Imperial Habsburg family.  This is the front of the building, it had 2 huge wings either side.  You may see beside me on the lamp post is the very famous Frank Manu, he is the UK demonstrators mascot and travels with us to the incentive trips.

The gardens are so beautiful, tree lined walk ways, rose arches, just amazing, there was so much to see we only managed a tiny part in the morning we visited, I would love to go back.

Part way through the tour we stopped off at a cafe area, to find all the other demonstrators ready to make strudel !  It was lots of fun and not easy…….. you had to stretch the rolled out dough using your fists……..

Mine was so bad that the instructor took pity on me and gave me another piece of dough !

Brian was a natural, his dough and rolling was perfect !

Once we had all finished they were taken away to be baked, and when finished they where delicious!  Although they were cut and a bit battered by the time we got back to the hotel.

We then had a tour of the carriage museum and a wander through the gardens before we headed back to the hotel.  One of the interesting facts we learnt was the original meaning of the ‘Flea Market’ one of the pictures depicted a market scene with people paying to rest their heads on a table for trained monkeys to remove the fleas !  Of course Frank Manu, needed to try out this technique on Kerry!

I’m going to stop there, but I’ll be back with episode 2 tomorrow!

Please note : Less than 1% of all demonstrators earn the incentive trip each year.


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