This project I had in my head for ages, but I was undecided about the embellishment, after much playing around I decided on Poinsettias, but I’m sure it would look equally as good with Baubles or Robins.  The ribbon is Stampin’ Up! Lucky Limeade ruffled ribbon, it really does make a lovely decorative edge.

It was a 17cm wreath, I decided on that size because you could pass the whole reel of ribbon through the centre hole which made wrapping much easier.  I used lots and lots of glue dots to keep the ribbon tidy, that said on the bottom left of the wreath the ribbon has rucked up, I have to say 45 team members and lots of customers have handled the wreath, so it has been well loved !!

The centre is held on invisible thread, it does look white in the picture but it is clear.  I have a little cheat sheet for making the poinsettias which I will post tomorrow, see you then.

Happy Stampin’

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