Today is regional training day in Telford, we had a fairly uneventful journey, some great shopping, monsoon type rain…….and then a lovely dinner, so far a good trip!

I have my swaps to share with you, but first a what not to do with a hot glue gun……..if you are my friend on facebook you will know this story already, if not, please do go and find me on Facebook I would love to be your friend!  I was making swaps for my first level team and some of my Stampin’ Up! buddies and my first mistake was switching the hot glue gun on!  I then managed to drop a circle of card covered in hot glue on my left hand, now what I should have done is rushed to the sink and drowned it in cold water, but what I did was tear off the card to get rid of the burning glue…… 2 of my fingers are missing rather large chunks of skin!

I am glad to say that the swaps got finished off, without any other injuries!  Lots of different colours, I have used the silver metal buttons and in colour dahlias for the centres.



You can see on the picture below the layers of folded fabric circles.


Since there are over 50 of my extended team attending I have a card for them too.  Using my favourite stamp set of the moment Lacey and Lovely.




Happy Stampin’


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