Day one of our incentive trip was a free day……..Now I am always up for a challenge and when the idea of a rafting trip was mentioned Brian and I signed up straight away!  That was a very good choice, we had a wonderful few hours, now do not be deceived by the pictures…………much of the trip was spent paddling a little and watching the world go by……..the scenery was beautiful, the wonderful action shots where taken at 4 spots during the trip, where the water was a bit more bumpy !

Team UK !

utahtrip18 utahtrip19 utahtrip20 utahtrip21 utahtrip22 utahtrip23

I fell in !  Yes indeed, about half way, 2 of the German team fell in and although they managed to rescue one person it was up to our boat to rescue Damir, who had floated  away from their raft.  We did exactly what we needed to do, our training paid off and we not only got him into our raft but safely delivered him back to his raft!

It was about 5 minutes later, no white water, no bumps, just me watching the world go by and truth be told, not paying attention and  “SPLASH” I fell out of the raft, I can’t say it was the most pleasant minute or two of my life, I was winded, shocked and all I could think was “Feet downstream” you see I had been paying attention at the training……….I was rescued by my amazing team mates, which involves being hauled up by your life jacket………still got the bruises……….

But it was so much fun within a couple of minutes I was back on the front of the raft…….finally paying attention!

Lots of pretty swaps for you to see today, these are from convention !

Swaps10 Swaps11 Swaps12 Swaps13 Swaps14 Swaps15

Please note : Less than 1% of all demonstrators earn the incentive trip each year.


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