Perhaps, how to clean your stamps isn’t the most exciting blog post, but bear with me it’s important !

I hope you will forgive me getting on my soap box for a moment to say, please, please, please don’t use cheap wet wipes to clean your stamps, most of them have alcohol or fragrance in them and they can damage your stamps. If you prefer to use them make sure you get ones that are alcohol free.  If you use StazOn you will need a special cleaner for them.

The Stampin’ Scrub and a small bottle of mist is just £16.75, which I think is well worth it, and I have a video today to show you all about the different types of ink and how to clean your stamps and the scrub.

I hope you enjoy it, oh and just so you know, it’s a 2 minute tip that goes over by 5 minutes……oops !


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Happy Stampin’

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