Today pinging in my email box was information about an online order that arrived at 8.10am ! Did you know you can shop online with me 24/7……just click on the shop with Amanda button to be taken to my online Stampin’ Up! store. It’s great for you night owls, early risers and those of us that NEED to order it right now !

Anyway, order pinged in, I was very excited, and went to print off the details of the customer so I could pop a card in the post when I walk the dog later (did you know I send a card to EVERYONE who orders from me ?).

But imagine my dismay, the person had un-ticked the box…………the box that says, “allow my demonstrator to contact me” which means I can’t see their address or who it is to say thank you, send a card or check that everything is okay with their order.  So that’s why we need to insert a sad face here !  Now of course it could be that the person doesn’t want to be contacted, and that is absolutely fine, if that is what they meant to do, but just in case it was a mistake, I thought I’d mention it here so if it was you, and you didn’t mean to untick the box let me know and I’ll pop a card in the post right away.

I am however, hopeful, that it’s a husband buying goodies for his wife in secret…….I’m such a romantic!

So now onto the Prize Draw part of my post, I have 2 cards today for you that I didn’t make……..they came from 2 of my lovely team members Jane and Caroline, one sent as a thank you, the other to make me smile !  I call these cards ‘Happy Post’, they didn’t need to send them but they did, just to make me happy, how awesome is that ?


It is so lovely to receive cards in the post, I am on a mission this year to get more “Happy Post” sent, so many of us make cards but we need to send more of them !

I recently ran a competition on my Facebook page to send more Happy Post and I’m going to do the same here…….

So to enter a prize draw to receive some lovely goodies from the new Spring-Summer catalogue, all golden themed…… need to do the following:

Comment on this post to say who you are going to send a card to, you don’t need to put their full name, and then comment again when it has actually gone in the post !  You have a week, so I will do the draw next Saturday 8th March at 6pm !  Only one entry per person, but of course feel free to send as much Happy Post as you wish !!!!!

Now because things have moved around a bit on my lovely new website, you comment by clicking the Rich Razzleberry bubble just underneath my signature next to the word comments.

Good luck !

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