I cannot be held responsible if it starts snowing in Hampshire today !  Yesterday Keeva went to the dog groomers, where she spent the day with a lovely lady called Helen and she was plucked………..yes really !  I know she doesn’t have feathers but she does have a double coat and Border Terriers need to have their coat hand stripped twice a year.  The process is very much like plucking a chicken……….it takes about 5 hours, with lots and lots of treats, but she is soooooo much happier when it’s done !

So would you like to see?  This is how she looked before, a bit like a lion !


And now…….yes my little girl dog has a beard, but she likes it and it’s true to the breed, but a lot chillier for her out and about, and really it wouldn’t surprise me if it did snow, it has the last 2 years when she has come back from the groomers!


I’m at a meeting all day today, and then getting ready Card Club tomorrow and Friday and then for a show on Saturday, so do pop along to see me:

Art and Craft Market           10am till 2pm

Crofton Hall
Crofton Community Centre
Stubbington Lane
PO14 2PP

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