I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was eventful and not at all what I had planned!

I think I better start at the beginning, so do get comfy.  I have had a run of bad luck / accidents lately broke my toe, burnt my knuckle with hot oil, burnt too many fingers to count on the hot glue gun, have bruises upon bruises where I walk into things, truth be told I’m just bit accident prone and probably don’t look where I’m going.

Well last Monday, I was dashing around, I was talking to a lovely customer on the phone and had to go outside to open the back gate, I was bare foot as I am always at home……..it had been raining and as I put my foot onto the back step I aquaplaned straight off it.  It was an impressive fall, my left arm outstretched I landed flat on my left side and smacked my legs on the step.  I think both Norman Wisdom and Michael Crawford would have been proud!

I patted myself down, no blood, I felt a bit battered, but I dusted myself off and off I went to carry on.  In fact I carried on all week, 2 card clubs, prep for classes, a drive to London and back for a meeting.  I was a bit sore on Thursday and Friday but Saturday morning I was in agony, the pain was hitting me in waves a few minutes apart, it was the sort of pain that comes with big tears, that isn’t like me!  So off Brian I went to A&E, it took some time to find some painkillers that worked, then I had X-rays, thankfully nothing is broken, but I’ve severely torn muscles in and around my ribs it’s going to take weeks to heal, so it seems I have to slow down a bit !  Because apart from pain relief the only thing that will help them heal is rest.

The kids are suggesting wrapping me in bubble wrap, but as Karen one of my lovely team said yesterday, they need to wrap me in something that isn’t flammable ! Owwww, giggling hurts!

I am pleased to say though that all my events this month are going ahead as planned, I have an army of volunteers who are helping drive me around and to fetch and carry boxes.

So although I don’t have a project for you today I do have the winner of my Happy Post Prize draw………it’s Jen !!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 08.55.38

Jen please email me your address so I can get the goodies in the post to you !

I will be back tomorrow with some projects for you.

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