So my craft room is built, I promised you pictures and here they are, this post is seriously picture heavy…………First I shall show you what I’ve been working and living in for the past week, this is my dining room which has been my office.


This is what overflowed into the lounge, there was stuff everywhere!


First the floor, the carpet and tiles were removed, primed and then latexed, left for 24 hours to settle and then the Oak flooring went down, it’s an awesome product called Karndean, it looks and feels like wood, but has a 15 year industrial guarantee, it’s wipe clean and warm underfoot. We already have this flooring in our lounge and we love it!

IMG_3025       IMG_3029IMG_3033

We had to the leave it for another 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure and then Brian and I  did 2 coats of polish, it’s a satin finish and lovely. We left it overnight and then hurrah we could start building cupboards.


I say we, build cupboards, that was the plan…….the reality was that Brian built most of them whilst I took an unscheduled trip to ikea! The main floor standing cupboards have stainless steel legs and unfortunately the very helpful lady who put the ikea order through choose the wrong legs……..they were 30cm too short! Since these cupboards will be holding a considerable amount of weight I had to go and get the right legs, all in all it was about a 3 ½ hour round trip, getting into Southampton on a Saturday morning in the rain is not easy!

IMG_3068      IMG_3074


I did hang some cupboard doors, all 2 of them !

We had the worktops specially cut so as to have an over hang on the right, that is where my wheely case and catalogue bag will live. My desk top also was made to fit over a Kallax cupboard (more storage!).


So this is how it looked before I started moving everything in…….and before the handles are on. It’s going to be a couple of weeks at least before you get the video tour……..everything needs to find it’s home and I see lots more trips to ikea to get dividers and storage to fit !


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