I had an amazing time in Brussels at the Stampin’ Up! convention, I can always tell when it’s been a really busy event because I only have a few pictures…….. some of those I have already shown on my Facebook page, I hope you don’t mind seeing them again.

I travelled via Eurostar and I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to it……..I like boats and the ability to swim if there is a problem, I’m not sure I could do anything about a leaking tunnel………but I have to say it was really straightforward and fairly pleasant!

I must have walked about 3 miles inside the train though, about 25 of my team were on the same train…………and it was 18 carriages long so I walked from one end to the other, delivering gifts.

When we arrived in Brussels we needed to go one stop to the centre and a double decker train arrived!  It was awesome !


Thursday night was the Silver 2 reception, this is a special dinner for the leaders within Stampin’ Up! and I am very pleased to say that 6 of my leaders attended this year, how do you think I’m doing with my selfies……..the kids think I need more training……..


The room was beautifully decorated with colour changing lights.


We are always given treats and gifts at the reception and this year was no exception, our lovely Convention bag, notebook, pen set and a personalised stamp !!!!


Friday was a full day, with lots of creative presentations and business classes.  There is always something new to see and learn and I am never disappointed Stampin’ Up! always gives us amazing classes. A quick bite to eat and then it was back for the awards ceremony.

As many of you will know the last 18 months has been a bit of a tough time for me and my family with Kimberley’s surgeries and on-going concerns regarding the carcinoid tumour they found, so although I have been in the top 5 in the UK every year since we launched, I thought that this year I was going to be doing lots of clapping for my team and other demonstrators as they walked the stage!

What did I know………….I ranked 3rd in recruiting and 5th in sales, my awesome downline Kerry Timms ranked 4th in Sales and also walking across stage this year was Caroline Barker for Sales and recruiting,  Elizabeth Shannon for Sales, Angela Blechynden, Kerry Timms and me for Leadership as well.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to my family, my customers and my awesome team for the part they have all played in my success.

This is the top 5 for Sales in the UK, thank you to Nadine for the picture.

awards night

A group selfie……..well we don’t like to be too serious on stage!

Awards selfie

And thank you to the official photographer for this picture of Angela, Kerry and I walking across stage for leadership.


This is some more of my lovely team in the first 2 rows all looking very glam don’t you think ?


After the awards ceremony we had an after party with a live band and the most delicious desserts……. and of course some more pictures of us being very serious…….


Saturday was an early start and again filled with incredible presentations and classes, we found out some secret things…….about new products……..which is always very exciting but I can’t tell you yet.

But the most amazing thing happened, one of my team the Lovely Liz Shannon was awarded with the Heart of Stampin’ up!


Here is a picture again ‘borrowed’ from the official photographer…..


It was very emotional, she is a deserving winner. I did have more time for hugs, this is the awesome Chris from the demonstrator support team, he has been with us since the very beginning of Stampin’ Up! UK.


I have a little creative inspiration for you, this is one of the stamp sets we received at convention.


And some lovely pictures of Brussels, which I did get to see a little of, but mainly by night……..


These meringues were about 10 inches wide…..HUGE !

saturday1 thursday2

I hope you have enjoyed this whistle stop tour of convention, it was wonderful and I would love you to come with us next year, the team have found the best places to stay and eat, the best Chocolate and beer and waffles so you will be in good hands, and of course there is the most amazing inspiration and training and free goodies to be had too.

Finally I have a video for you it’s our highlights !


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