One of the fabulous things about crafting is you make new friends and the joy of the internet is that many of those friends come from all around the world.  I love getting comments here on my blog, on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube channel.  It’s great too when people email me pictures as well !

Recently I have heard from 2 lovely ladies from the USA, Linda and Debra.

Linda (second from right in red) gets together with the lovely ladies below and meet once a month for “stamp club” they have all been stamping 20 years now.

She was so kind to share how she gets together with her friends to stamp, I love hearing how people craft !  They take turns hosting the get togethers and the hostess provides her home, lunch and munchies and gets to come up with 3 card themes.   They all design 3 cards using those themes and bring enough supplies for each card for the rest of us to make that card.   We rotate around the table (we set up our card/supplies at our table space).  We usually take a lunch break after we’ve each made the first 2 cards.  The hostess gets the demo card as well…so scores with 2 of each card (a total of 27 cards for the hostess, 12 for the rest of us).


These are the little bunnies she made after seeing my bunny video, aren’t they cute !



This is the link to my Bunney Video.

Debra, got in touch after watching my Bow Builder punch video, and she made this lovely flower, using the little strips I talk about in the video to make the flower centre such a great idea!


This is the link to my Bow Builder Punch video.

So thank you so much Linda and Debra for sharing your projects, I do read and respond to every email and comment I get, so please do send me pictures and emails, I love to hear from you !


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