Yes today is a worrying day…… tomorrow is Kim’s ‘A’ level results day, so if she gets the grades she needs she will be off in a few weeks ( and I shall miss her) and if she doesn’t she might be or might not be going, but she will be sad……so yes I am sat here worrying.  Not that I can do anything about it, what will be, will be and all that, but I’m a Mum and that’s what I do, worry.

So I am currently on distraction mode, so first up how about some weekly deals since it’s Wednesday! Just click on the picture to go to my online store to shop.

stampin up UK

Now I promised to update you on my travels to visit my Mum a couple of weeks ago.  The plan was to get some serious clearing out done of her crafting stuff, and to be fair we did manage a lot……

But first up this happened, yes my Mum broke her leg.  Crazy Paving has a lot to answer for.


It made sorting out a bit tougher and of course going out and about was not easy as for 4 days Mum wasn’t allowed to weight bear on her foot.  But we did good !  Look how many boxes we cleared, the local charity shops and Brownies and Guides all got donations.


We unearthed some treasures too.  You may not know this about me but I studied Ballet for a very long time and each year Mum would knit me these lovely crossover cardigans.  The little Blue cardigans she knitted for both Kimberley and Connor.  The patterns came home with me and the starfish earrings with Kimberley.


There were casualties, as well as Mum’s leg, this little chick was squashed beyond repair.


It all turned out okay though, after 4 days they gave Mum a go faster boot, so she can get around much easier which is great news.  It’s still going to be a long haul to recover but she is doing okay.


I’ll be back tomorrow with a card and hopefully good news! Keep your fingers crossed.

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