26 years, I’ve been married for 26 years, that is a VERY long time !  Poor Brian……I’m so blessed and very happy to have this wonderful man in my life!

Especially since he brings me roses !  Yellow of course, roses shouldn’t ever come in any other colour!!!!


I did make him a card, now if you have been a reader of my blog for a while you will know, Brian isn’t a fan of ‘vintage or grunge’ style card making, I think his most classic quote was, “It looks like you’ve trodden on it…” about a  card I spent some time on making it look distressed……!

So I went all modern and minimalistic on this one, he approves !


The stamp is from the set Words of Truth, I bought it to make cute fun notes to post to Kimberley at Uni, GULP, it’s coming around fast and yes we are actually on countdown of the days, 10 to go…….

So I am sure you can imagine how crazy my world is right now.  One benefit is that she has been cooking and checking her recipes, she will not starve, this is what we had for tea yesterday, the most impressive Toad I have ever seen !


As always all the details of the items I have used are below, you can click on the pictures to be taken directly to my online store.

I’ll be back soon with more projects, scroll down for my latest video and for information about my product shares.

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