Halloween, it seems this day divides crafters, for some it is an opportunity to be creative, for others a commercialised event that they want no part of. So do let me know in the comments which camp you fall into.

I love Halloween, Magic, Witches, Opportunity to dress up, Sweets, Parties and Pumpkins. The kids loved trick or treating the neighbours, having their friends round for apple bobbing and spooky treats.  At 18 and 20 they are a little old for that now!  But I know many of my customers have little ones that love to celebrate Halloween as much as my kids did, so for them and for those of you that love it too, here are a few Halloween ideas from the Autumn-Winter Catalogue.

I love this project kit, it would make a great half-term project too!


Fabulous card to make for an invitation, to a Ghoulish Gathering.


Such simple display of treats, very cute, the boxes would make great party gifts.


And 2 ideas for making your Trick or Treaters very happy, the top one is a stamped Muslin Bag.



I hope that’s given you some ideas, and remember to leave me a message in the comments !

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