Thank you so much for all your messages both here and on my Facebook page I am so pleased you have found me in both places !

Now I post similar things on both my Facebook page and my blog, but they are not always the same so it’s always worth checking out both if you can!

I promised a giveaway and I have 3 cards and a gift ready to go in the post to Ros Hodgkins, Helen White and Jane (no last name left).  If you can email me your address details to I will get them in the post to you.  There are 3 other winners on my Facebook page too!

So today I have some information and reminders for you.  Did you know I offer a wish list service? I have a downloadable form here that you complete and either give to your loved ones so they can shop online, or they can call or email me to place an order if you send me the list.

I do offer a telephone calling service as well, if your loved one is unlikely to remember to call me…….I can call them………. believe me it works really well!

I also offer Stampin’ Up! gift vouchers, made to any value, and they can be for product or classes or a mixture.

Each year I make different designs, I can’t show you them yet…….because I have already sent out some for Christmas 2015…….yes some people are that organised ! So here is a sample from a previous year.




Now I know we are still in October but……… as my Christmas app keeps telling me it’s only 59 days till Christmas !

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