I love paper !  It’s inexpensive and so versatile, you can make so many things with it, like a bowl……yes a bowl!

Origami Bowl Video Stampin' Up! Uk Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin'

Just in time for your festive decorating, it’s quick and easy you will be amazed!  I had to sneak in some information about a new stamp set and how to get your hands on the NEW catalogues, so it’s well worth a watch.

To make the bowl you need 3 pieces of paper that are square, I use 6″ pieces but have made bowls from 12″ pieces of paper.

Card stock is more difficult to fold but it is possible just take your time. It has great dimension and shape.

Origami Bowl Video Stampin' Up! Uk Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin'

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I hope it stays dry enough this weekend for us to get the outside decorations up, we are saving the inside until Kimberley gets home from University but it would be nice to do a little bit of decorating!

But first we are taking Keeva to the groomers to be plucked……..she is a Border Terrier her coat needs hand stripping twice a year, she goes from fluff monster to smooth and sleek, the process is very much like plucking a chicken!  Pictures to follow next week.

Let me know what you are up to this weekend in the comments below.

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