A couple of weeks ago it was Brian’s birthday, I always make him a special cake and although we were travelling to Manchester to collect Kimberley and her kit over his birthday I wanted to make sure he had a treat.  So I decided on Carrot Cupcakes, as Carrot Cake is one of his favourites and the cupcakes would be easier to transport.

Good thinking, so far so good, what I didn’t allow for was the fact that I was using an untested recipe……. it was a mess…….

The mixture was far too wet, so it took twice the amount of time stated to cook and then they sank…..

Inspiring Inkin' Carrot Cupcakes

The next instruction was really weird, cool them upside down! So I did.

Inspiring Inkin' Carrot Cupcakes

They then looked like this………yikes…….

Inspiring Inkin' Carrot Cupcakes

Because they were so wet the paper cakes wouldn’t stay on they were falling apart, it was not a pretty sight.  I rescued 7 which kind of looked like they could hold their shape and made cream cheese frosting, lots and lots of cream cheese frosting………..I took the cases off and made the best of a bad job.


Thankfully they tasted alright!

The orange curls you can see are candied carrot strips, yes because I don’t have a busy enough life….. I decided to make edible decorations so I peeled carrots, sliced into fine strips, boiled then in sugar syrup, dried them and then cooked them in the oven for 2 hours and then curled them around a wooden spoon.

Yes, I am crazy, no, I will NEVER do that again, but boy they were yummy!

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