Now that summer has finally landed in the UK, I thought I would share with you one of my other passions…… my garden! We are very lucky to live on a corner plot so we have lots of garden the front garden has the drive and it is where my flowers are the back garden is our fruit and veg garden.

So here is the front garden, I am so pleased the Lavender has survived, it was looking so sick at the beginning of the year, Brian and I spent hours pruning it to within an inch of it’s life during March, and it worked!  We do have some bare patches though so they will be planted later on in the year.

Inspiring Inkin Garden Stampin' Up! UK

Our garden is very bee friendly, we have picked plants to encourage the bees, it’s fab working in the garden listening to them buzzing away. We need some more plants for the front garden, all suggestions gratefully received, its south facing so gets sun for most of the day and drys out really quickly.

I am very proud that I have worked out how to take a panoramic shot on my phone….so you can see all of the back garden in one picture.

Inspiring Inkin Garden Stampin' Up! UK

There was a trampoline in the centre and the grass has been re-seeded it’s just about blending in now.  So going from left to right along the wall are raspberries and the rhubarb patch, then mangetout and strawberries, in the back is the asparagus patch and beetroot, lettuce, pakchoi, spinach, butternut squash, patty pan squash, spring onions and charlotte potatoes.  In the green house are cucumbers, tomatoes and courgettes, then coming along the right hand side is my amazing Damson tree, climbing french beans, more strawberries and the pear tree.

This is just some of the goodies we have had from the garden in the past couple of weeks.  These are traditional cucumbers, and yes they are spikes…… you brush them off and peel the cucumbers they are very tasty!


Round courgettes and normal ones.


Yummy new potatoes, both big and small.


The tiny cucumbers on the right hand side are 3 bites big, they are delicious.

IMG_9738 IMG_9732 Inspiring Inkin Garden Stampin' Up! UK

Now I have to say a HUGE thank you to my darling Brian, he is absolutely the gardener in the family, I help out a bit but the reason we have so much amazing food is because of his care and attention.

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