So in my last post I mentioned the balloons from the Happy Birthday Gorgeous Stamp set, here is a card featuring them!

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Card Inspiring Inkin Amanda Fowler Stampin' Up! UK

It’s so different form the last one, that is why this is such a versatile set and why you NEED it !

Seriously you do NEED it!

I have drawn the strings onto the balloons, but this is such a quick card to make. It actually takes longer to tie the bow than it does make the card!  You need Glue dots to attach the bow to the card you can roll them up so they are tiny and then it is hidden behind the know, and it sticks really well!

Now are you bow impaired?  It’s a real thing honestly, I have struggled with bows for years but I have been practising and  I made a series of 4 videos all about bows and knots.  I have put the link below, I hope it helps.  The bow above is what I call a Bunny Ears Bow.

Knots and Bows Video Play list

Product List for the Happy Birthday Gorgeous Card, click on the pictures to go direct to my online store.

By the time you read this I will be landing in Bangkok, I am so excited it’s going to be an amazing trip!  Brian and I have extended out trip with 8 of our very dear friends and we will be having adventures ! The Stampin’ Up! part of the trip starts on Monday!

If you want to check out my travels whilst they are happening the best places to find me are on my Facebook Page HERE or my Instagram account HERE. Of course I will be doing some blog posts when I’m back too!

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