Quick, quick, slow, slow……. that’s my life right now! So the improvements to the ribs took a down turn at the weekend…… so I’m having to take it easy again because of the pain and I am soooooo not impressed! I have things to do and places to go and classes to run! Thankfully the classes are all designed and ready for next week, so with my amazing helpers they will run, I on the other hand won’t be running any time soon! Have I mentioned this is making me grumpy! I think I’d like to get on this card and sail away!

Sailing Home Birthday card Stampin' Up! UK Amanda Fowler Inspiring Inkin'

Using the amazing Pretty Peacock ink and card paired with Pool Party, I’ve made a really clean and simple card. Scoring the front of the card blank in half and folding it back once it’s stamped gives lots of dimension very easily. I used the blender pens to colour in the boat. Can you see the stamped anchors and compasses on the front?

Here are all the product links for the Sailing Home Card. Click on the pictures to go shopping in my online store

A calming card on a stormy day. That might be my grumps, but it’s also really windy here and it’s been raining a lot. That’s probably not helping!

I think I need to be a bit more realistic. So I’m not going to be filming any videos for a while and you shall probably only hear from me a couple of times a week. Just till I’m up and running properly. I know the doctors said it could take months, but I didn’t believe them……! So what I’m going to be doing right now, is work a bit, rest a bit, let’s see if I can get this beaten by taking a bit of a step back with more rest.

I can still chat to you on the phone, send and reply to emails, place your orders and run my classes, it’s the crafting that is the most difficult, which is why I’m so grumpy! I love to craft grrrrr. Thank you so much for sticking with me and listening to my grumps, I so appreciate that!

I shall see you as soon as I can xxx


September 2019


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