Happy Wednesday! How are you doing today? Are you having ups and down days and not sure which day or even month it is? I certainly am, it’s such a strange world we are in. One day of the week I know for certain is Tuesday, because that’s the day of my Craft and Chat, and maybe its because there is a reminder on my phone too!

We had a good old chat this week, and I shared 2 cards, using a technique that will help you get rid of all those scraps of paper you have been hoarding, yes that is you and me! I also shared all of the images you get on the Share Sunshine PDF download.

Share Sunshine PDF Download. Buy it here!

The cost is $12, which will be converted into £ or € depending on where you are purchasing it from. It’s available in many different languages, if you are from the UK make sure you go for UK English…….. Not USA English.

If you are reading this via email please click HERE to watch the video.

I used strips of paper that are 1/4″ wide, but it works with all sizes of strips, and even varying the strip sizes on the same project too. I just make sure to cover the lines with my first strips and then make ‘V’ shapes of 2 strips that match as I fill in the shapes.

This is a picture of the lines I drew on the card, and then the 2 cards I made.

Herringbone Technique Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler - 1 (1)
Herringbone Technique Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler
Herringbone Technique Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler
Herringbone Technique Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

Here are all the product links for the Herringbone Technique Card. Click on the pictures to go shopping in my online store.

I’ve said before I’m quite happy working from home, I’ve been doing it for years, but what I wasn’t expecting was my new found dislike for “The Outside”……… As everyone has been asked here in the UK, I limit my travel and only go out for essential items. As such I go to the Post Office once a week and call into the grocery shop on the way back. I’m not happy out there, it is so strange! I prefer my bubble at home! I’m not sure how that’s going to be when we get out of lock down. Strange times indeed.

It’s time for lunch now, glorious weather here in Hampshire today, so off out into the garden for me and I’ll see what’s growing!

Take care of yourself see you on Friday.


MAY 2020

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