Happy Friday! It’s been a lovely week, birthday celebrations are different this year, but we celebrated and I got my ice cream at the beach! As did Keeva, she loves ice-cream! Lots of calls and face-times and cards, and way too many puddings! Although I’m not sure that you can ever have too many puddings! and cake and macarons and chocolate and nougat too! Oops!

I have a card for you today though, showcasing the spotlight technique. It makes a clean and simple card with an extra bit of wow.

Spotlight Technique Video Stampin' Up! Uk Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

If you are reading this via email please click HERE to watch the video.

Make sure to make a template for the best placement of the spotlight, it will save you lots of time.

Here are all the product links for the Stamping Spotlight Technique cards. Click on the pictures to go shopping in my online store.

So I guess it’s the weekend again! Feels like I’ve had several weekends already this week.

I’ve got a bit of admin to finish tomorrow and then it’s out into the back garden. We are redesigning the Veg patch into 2 smaller beds and a patio. Brian has drawn up the plans and there is digging and slab lifting to be done. We have got to wait for a while to get the wood and additional slabs we need as the right stores aren’t open yet, but we can start the ground works. I’m really excited about this project because it’s the area of garden that gets sun all day, having my breakfast in the garden is a long term goal of mine, and it will happen at some point this summer! I will keep you posted on our progress.

In other news the NEW catalogue launches on Wednesday, I have some emails going out over the weekend about online launch events, so check your emails for those.

Enjoy your weekend, I’ll see you on Monday, and in your email inbox too!


MAY 2020

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