Today has been very busy, thank you so much to everyone who has joined my team or placed an order today! A couple of gremlins as is often the case on a launch, pretty much everything seems to be sorted out now, but if you do have problems please let me know, I can get the problem raised. There is a new feedback button too.

This new feature allows users to leave feedback anywhere and on anything in the new online store—and it delivers that information directly to the people who need to see it at Stampin’ Up! Visitors to the online store will see a Bermuda Bay coloured feedback tab on the right side of the screen. Clicking the tab brings up a window to provide feedback through a few quick and easy steps. Using this feature provides the information Stampin’ Up! need to address problems in the fastest way possible, and identify opportunities for development; it is the most effective way to submit concerns and opinions regarding the new online store.

For my European customers a new change means that there is now an online store in French, German and Dutch. When you go to the online store you need to click top left to the correct country you are shopping from. This is really important because if you swap countries part way through you lose the contents of the basket as the baskets are country specific…… Make sure you are shopping with me too, my name should be top left.

Today was the first of my catalogue launch lives on Facebook, below you can see the replay video and if you scroll further down you will see all the cards I made.

Forever Fern Stampin' Up! Uk Inspiring Inkin' Amanda fowler - 9

If you are reading this via email please click HERE to watch the video.

I made 2 versions of the same card, just stepping one up a bit.

Forever Fern Stampin' Up! Uk Inspiring Inkin' Amanda fowler - 9
Forever Fern Stampin' Up! Uk Inspiring Inkin' Amanda fowler - 9

There is lots of dimension on this card.

Forever Fern Stampin' Up! Uk Inspiring Inkin' Amanda fowler - 9

Here are all the product links for the Forever Fern Cards. Click on the pictures to go shopping in my online store.

I hope you love this product suite, it’s certainly one of my favourites! I’ll see you tomorrow!


June 2020

To get a free thank you gift or join the July Craft-a-Long Club for FREE, simply enter the Inkin’ Host Code above at check out when you shop online and place a minimum order of £30 or €35. If your order is less than £30 or €35 you will of course still receive a handmade card and gift from me.

You can also join the July Craft-a-Long club by buying the kit for £12 or €15, click HERE.

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