Is it warm enough for you? As I’m typing this its 29.5 degrees C inside my house! Whilst if I was on holiday that would be a lovely temperature here in Hampshire, UK when I’m working without air-conditioning its pretty warm! I know for my overseas friends they will be say what….. no air-con….. nope its just not really a thing here in the UK. We do have air-con in cars and shops but most houses are without it, basically because it never gets that hot! Apart from this week! Remind me in October when I’m complaining that its cold and wet, we Brits do love to chat about the weather.

Anyway, back to crafting it was so warm that yesterday’s Craft and Chat is split into 2 pieces because guess what….. my phone over heated……. argh! I’m coping with lots of ice in my drinks and cool showers and actually to be fair there is not that much work is going on!

I did make 2 cards in Craft and Chat and of course they were Christmas cards, I know crazy. I did also show off the NEW Stampin’ Cut and Emboss machine and a quick refresher of the Stamparatus, scroll down for some more videos on that, and watch out for the FULL YouTube video on the new machine.

Stamparatus Inspiring inkin' Stampin' Up! UK - 2

The 2nd card is made using the hinge step method with the Stamparatus, I explain all in the video.

Stamparatus Inspiring inkin' Stampin' Up! UK - 2

If you are reading this via email please click HERE to watch the video.

Here are all the product links for the Christmas Cards. Click on the pictures to go shopping in my online store.

You can’t yet buy the Stampin’ Cut and Emboss machine, it goes live for customers on 1st September, but if you want to join my team you can get your hands on it in August! Email, call or message me for more details.

I have several videos on the stamparatus, click on the links below, to see more of this fabulous tool in action.

What you need to know before you take the Stamparatus out of the box.

Mirror Image Technique

Christmas Wreath

Rainbow Stamping

Stamparatus Splat

I emailed everyone this morning regarding my Face to Face classes, I have cancelled Face to Face events for the rest of this year and hope to resume some of them in 2021. My online classes are carrying on, and I’m thrilled that so many of you are loving them! If you want help to access my online classes and events, please do call or email me, I’m getting quite good at helping with the pesky technology troubles!

I’m off to find a nice cold Elderflower cordial, stay safe, drink plenty of water and I’ll be back on Friday!


August 2020

To get a free thank you gift or join the September Craft-a-Long Club for FREE, simply enter the Inkin’ Host Code above at check out when you shop online and place a minimum order of £30 or €35. If your order is less than £30 or €35 you will of course still receive a handmade card and gift from me.

You can also join the September Craft-a-Long club by buying the kit for £12 or €15, click HERE.

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