Ho Ho Ho, I have some festive cheer for you today in the style of discounts and the Last chance lists for the Autumn- Winter catalogue. At the end of a catalogue we receive a list of all the items that are leaving for good, and those that will be returning in future catalogues. I have been working on those lists to make them SUPER easy to read!

A word of caution, some items will go quickly and sometimes for those items that hang around Stampin’ Up! will reduce items further, my advice is always to get what you want when you can, it saves disappointment.

Also note that there may be discounts on individual items that also come in a bundle, such as dies but in order to get the full discount you need to order the items separately.

The discounts will be starting at 11pm UK time TONIGHT, so great if you are a night owl, and will continue on whilst stocks last. The clearance rack will also be updated, so make sure you check that out whilst you are shopping.

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First up is the Last Chance list, everything on this list is leaving the catalogue for good and won’t return, I have sorted it so that the first 2 pages show all the discounted items in page number order, some discounts are 50% there are some incredible bargains to be had!

Last Chance List & Discounts

This next list is items that will be returning in either the next Annual catalogue in May or the New Autumn- Winter Catalogue in July. No discounts on these items but you will be able to check to see if your favourites will be coming back.

Returning Favourites

I have popped some of my favourite bargains all at 50% off in the list below, they won’t show the discounts until after 11pm on the 7th December UK time or Midnight if you are in mainland Europe. They are clickable links to the online store.

I love these kits!!!

Tag Buffet Kit Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler Stampin' Up! UK
Christmas Countdown Inspiring inkin' Stampin' Up! UK - 1

We had a very busy, but productive weekend, the decorations are up, both inside and out. The kitchen rearranged and looking fabulous! The sewing is done and the crochet is coming along, I’ve actually finished my scarf! Finally most of the parcels have gone to the post office, Hurrah. We still have upstairs to sort out, and all the wrapping but I really feel as though we moved things forwards. I hope you had a good weekend too.

I am off to get ready for my Live tomorrow at 2pm and then it’s off to Yoga, I’m so pleased the gyms are back up and running it means I can get to 2 yoga classes a week, it makes such a difference to my health and well being. Do try it!

I’ll be back soon with some creative inspiration.


December 2020

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