Today’s blog post isn’t paper crafting but its definitely creative! We have put up an amazing Wooden World Map in our spare room. Here on my blog sometimes I share insights into my world. This is one of those posts.

A couple of months ago Brian and I decided to redecorate the spare room. We had been discussing it for ages… I had all sorts of plans and ideas but none of them hit the spot. Whilst I was looking for wall paper I found a world map mural and showed Brian. He loved it and then remembered something I had been talking about months ago which was a wooden world map.

Now it was something I had seen on an advert on Facebook. Eeek… I’m not normally drawn to adverts on Facebook but I loved it. I did my due diligence and the company was legitimate, had a website, amazing reviews. Better still I had 2 voucher codes so the cost was greatly reduced. Make sure if you want one you sign up for their emails as they will send you all sorts of offers.

The company is in Latvia.  Delivery was less than a week, I paid the extra €20 to get a tracked service. It was so worth it.
We bought the medium map, 2m x 1.2m, in dark brown. We picked the Exclusive level as that has the country and state names on it. It’s made from Plywood, so not heavy but not flimsy either.

So here we go the before and during and after.

Wooden Wall Map Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

The map was going on the one wall which had been previously wall papered. The reason we wallpapered it originally was because the previous owners had painted a full colour wall filling union jack on that wall. It took 3 coats of white and 4 coats of the blue paint to cover it! Thankfully the other walls only needed washing, sanding and 2 coats of emulsion.

There are so many pieces. It is recommended that you lay it out on the floor first, you absolutely NEED to do that. There are instructions and a video and spacer pieces (the white pieces) so everything goes in the right place. But take the time to lay it out first. The picture below doesn’t include all the tiny islands we put on later.

Wooden Wall Map Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

You start top left hand corner. Brian spent some time measuring to make sure the position of the centre of the map was where we wanted it to be and then we popped it on the wall. The sticky pads come with it. You need to chop them into pieces but with 2 people it only took a couple of hours to get the main parts up.

Wooden Wall Map Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

We then bought in the bed frame to make sure of the right positioning of Antarctica, it might not be quite right geographically but it works with the bed frame.

Wooden Wall Map Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

Here is the completed wall with all the islands and everything. I love it! The wall is a cross between Balmy Blue and Pool Party. In some of the pictures it looks much paler, its quite bright in real life.

Wooden Wall Map Stampin' Up! UK Inspiring Inkin' Amanda Fowler

I’m spending the day with Kimberley today Wedding dress shopping. I am sure there will be frequent coffee shop trips for cake and lunch to fortify us! I am so looking forward to it and spending some time with her. Its been a while.

See you tomorrow at Craft and Chat at 2pm and Craft-a-long at 7pm.


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